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Firewood Factory $60 Ranks U-Pick-UP

We Are The Oldest Tree Service in South Bend. Fully Insured And Best Equipped! Est. 1964

Family Owned 

Walt Temple Tree Service is family owned and operated. The amazing thing about going with a family owned establishment is that there is no middle man. You don't have to worry about getting an automated system when you are calling in with basic questions! We will be able to answer  your questions and solve any problems you may have.  

Our Solution.

If you need assistance with tree needs we are happy to help! There are many options as well as solutions we can provide you with! We offer free written estimates and one on one walk throughs! Si habla españoll. 

Our Services.

We provide many different services to fit your individual needs. We are qualified to trim, remove, fertilize trees and we sell firewood for all of your buring desires!


We also offer services in Landscaping, Power Washing, and Concrete Work. 

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